Workshop begins in: 
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Workshop begins in: 
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds


The Boutique Breakthrough is a complete, 30-day workshop for portrait photographers who want MORE free time, MORE financial freedom and MORE enjoyment from their business.

In this 30-day workshop, you’ll: 
  • ​Learn how to structure your business so there’s more money in your bank account and more free time to spend with the people you love.
  • ​Know how to explain what makes you different from all your cheaper competitors so you can book more of the right clients.
  • ​Create a price list of products your clients will drool over. 
  • ​Implement a comfy selling framework where clients consistently swipe their cards for $1,000+ in photos and hug you at the same time.
  • ​Transition your digital file clients to your boutique model without awkwardness or bad feelings. 
  • ​Start booking wall portrait clients who rave about you.

The Goal

Set Up a Sustainable Business You Love & Get Your First $1,000 Client

Workshop Length

30 Days + 30 Additional Days of Support & Coaching

Workshop Format

8 online classes, 24/7 support community for 60 days, 
critiques & coaching

When You Master How to Price Your Photos Profitably,
 Find the Right Clients & 

You’re Arming Yourself With an Invaluable 
$1,000 Per Client Skill


Becoming a Boutique Brand

You’re probably repelling the best customers in your market without realizing it. Like did you know that if your email address is you’re signaling to clients you aren’t a real business? We’ll scrub through your brand to make sure all the little things are buttoned up so the best clients WANT to book you.
  • Get clear on what makes you different from every other photographer so competition is NEVER an issue again
  • ​Solidify your why – this matters more than you realize
  • ​Make it official – get your business license & state sales tax squared away
  • ​Set yourself up to take payments from your clients


Boutique Pricing

There’s no such thing as one-size-fits all pricing for every photographer. We’ll show you what people in YOUR market want, help you set profitable prices and get your price list designed.
  • Set your creation fee
  • ​Set your prices using my boutique pricing calculator
  • ​Design your price list
  • ​Order your wall portrait sample


Price List Critique

Does your price list pass the boutique test? 

We’ll put it through our boutique filter, give it a deep scrub and critique. Once it passes the boutique test, you’ll get the green light to print your price list and start sharing it with the world!


What to Say

Your marketing has 1 job: to make YOUR phone ring. But what the heck do you say once it does? We’ll teach you what to say so boutique clients fall in love with you, hard and fast.
  • Know what to say with confidence to turn your inquiries into $1k clients
  • ​Learn my 7 Step Boutique Booking System so you’ll never book the wrong client again
  • ​Discover the step-by-step secret for transitioning shoot and burn clients to wall portraits


Start Marketing

It’s time to find your $1k client! We’ll fire up your boutique marketing machine and dig into two of my hottest campaigns. 
  • Take the guesswork out of finding clients with a rinse and repeat marketing activity NOBODY does
  • ​Stop attracting the wrong clients and start magically attracting your ideal client to you
  • ​Learn the ins and outs of a successful boutique model call (it’s way different than you’ve probably tried)


The Consultation & Shooting
to Sell

Selling your photos does NOT have to suck the joy out of your photography. It should feel like a conversation your best friend. I will equip you with my exact 5 step process so that you never feel salesy again.
  • We’ll dive into the ins and outs of an in-person consultation that practically guarantees a
    $1,000+ order
  • ​Learn my technique for finding out what a client wants to buy without asking them
  • ​I’ll give you my best-kept secrets so you ALWAYS walk into a session knowing EXACTLY what shots to get for your client to invest $1,000 or more


Building Your Presentation

Scratching your head over how many images to show? Not sure what music to choose? You’ll learn the formula for building your images into a presentation that maximizes your orders.
  • Learn my step-by-step formula for building an in-person sales presentation that sells your photos for you
  • ​You’ll master 12 things you have to do in every single in-person sale or else the train will go off the rails.
  • ​Understand how the right sales strategy will take the same client from a $0 order to a $1,000 order


The In-Person Sale & Your
$1k Order

Are your In-Person Sales Appointments are taking hours? Or maybe your clients are needing to go home and think about it? We’ll strip down and simplify your in-person sales appointment so you can sell less and make more. 
  • The perfect in-person sale takes one golden hour. You’ll learn the minute-by-minute breakdown of what to do and when
  • ​I’ll give you my go-to phrases for overcoming any last-minute objections so you never hear I need to go home and think about it.
  • Understand how to help the client cut images so you can get them to a place where the are hugging you after they hand you their credit card. 

Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I’m Sarah Petty, wife to Joe, momma to Katherine, John and Grace, and profitable portrait photographer of 22 years.

After a difficult pregnancy with twins, I left my career as an ad agency marketing director and opened my first photography studio…just 2 weeks after 9-11. Talk about timing! 

All of my marketing experience paid off when just a few years later, I was named one of America’s Most Profitable Portrait Photographers by Professional Photographers of America. 
Now, I shoot in my dream photography studio in Springfield, IL (I have a gym in it!) and I love teaching photographers how to build a photography business that gives them financial freedom and lets them put #familyfirst.

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If you're on the fence about this course, I want to assure you that I'm giving you EVERY opportunity to implement this course RISK-FREE because I'm 100% behind you in helping you improve your photography business. That's why my 30-day, money back guarantee, 100% covers you when you invest in the $1k Client in 30 Days Boutique Breakthrough Workshop. If you don't see an improvement in your photography business or you don't see the value in the education I've developed over my two decades as a professional photographer, I will happily return your investment. Just reach out within 30 days of the course starting. This course works if you're willing to learn and implement the lessons. So if you do the work, it will give you the knowledge and the tools you need to succeed.
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