Here’s Your Transition Plan from Shoot & Burn…
To Shoot & Earn!
LIVE Weekdays:  September 4 - 10
Sarah Petty
Wife, Mom of 3 teenagers, Owner of Sarah Petty Photography
Awarded One of America’s Most Profitable Photographers by Professional Photographers of America
Let’s Be Real.
It’s HARD to Put Yourself Out There as
Feeling like everybody is judging you…
Doubting your photos are good enough to charge more…
Wondering if you’ll ever make enough to pay off bills…
When I was 31, I gave birth to twins, quit my job to stay home and started my photography business.
I was scared to death (and probably a lil’ crazy).
Within months, I’d emptied my family’s small savings account.
But I learned THIS quickly.
Being a photographer wasn’t going to give me the freedom to be home with my kids…. AND provide enough income to make my family’s lives better.
Until I figured out how to ditch the digitals
Photographer, Now is the Time for You to Ditch the Digitals
Most businesses compete with cheap.
But with iphone cameras taking pretty good digital images…
Pro photographers now compete with FREE!
Here’s What Happens When You Shoot a Session and
Give Your Client All the High-res Digital Files…..
You’ve created something (digital files) that’s pretty close to what they can do for themselves…
or have a creative friend do for FREE.
But when you ditch the digitals and create artwork for your clients to hang in their homes…
Your photos, talent and creativity is valued the way it should be.
That’s why NOW IS THE TIME to Ditch the Digitals and start booking clients who value wall portraits.
If I Can, Do This in a Cornfield in the Midwest…So can You!
Hey Photographer, Here are All the Details….
Once you join the challenge, you’ll get to hang out with
other challengers in our private Facebook group.
The day we start, a fun challenge workbook will land in your email inbox that includes your plan for ditching the digitals in 9 days flat.
Each weekday I’ll hop on Facebook LIVE for 20 minutes to teach you that day’s
challenge activity and keep you moving forward.
The official 9 Day Ditch the Digitals challenge kicks off September 4.
If you can’t make it LIVE, no worries. Each day’s replay stays in the group for one week!
Sound Good? Then Let’s Get Started!
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